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All members of Jan Fennell International Dog Listeners Ltd are dedicated to constantly learning, sharing information and taking part in a strict quality control system. For more information, go to www.janfennellthedoglistener.com

Dogs are my passion! 
I am a Highly Recommended Associate Dog Listener with Jan Fennell International Dog Listeners Ltd. and hold the Foundation, Advanced and Graduate Certificates in Canine Communication.

I discovered Jan Fennell's method after the death of Worf, my beloved German Shepherd Dog. I was searching for answers as to why I had been unable to deal with his aggression towards other dogs; for nearly 10 years, walking him at the crack of dawn on a deserted beach had been the only way to feel safe to allow him off the lead. I had tried three different behaviourists - to no avail. In fact, the harder I tried, the worse he became. I knew I had failed him but had no idea why.

Then I heard Jan Fennell explaining how Dog Listening (or Amichien Bonding®) uses the language of wolves to communicate with dogs in a way they understand and it just made such perfect sense! 

Becoming a Dog Listener has opened my eyes and changed my life. My relationship with Whitleigh  (my adorable 12 year old English Springer Spaniel) was greatly enhanced. I went on to adopt 2 dogs from Every Chance Rescue -  first Khan, a German Shepherd Dog  and then (after Khan died of cancer  in May 2010) Rolo a Saluki-cross. Both of them came to me with significant behavioural issues which allowed me to experience first hand the effectiveness of this method - and what they have taught me has in turn helped many clients to successfully overcome their problems. Amichien Bonding turned Rolo from the terror of the vets' surgery into one of the most popular patients. By the time of his death in October 2016, Rolo had touched dozens of lives and, through his journey, saved the lives of a number of dogs.

So, that leaves Kira, aged 7, and I. She’s a lovely, well-balanced and fun-loving German Shepherd who brings joy to my life. This time, however, thanks to Amichien Bonding®, I don't have to seek out a deserted beach avoid other dogs – we can walk together wherever and whenever we choose!

If I can do it so can you!
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