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 If you would like to know more, Jan Fennell has written a number of best selling books, including
- The Dog Listener 
- The Practical Dog Listener
- The Seven Ages of Your Dog
- Friends for Life
- A Dog's Best Friend

The Dog Listener is also available on DVD.

Or visit Jan's wesite at
Behavioural problems usually occur when a dog believes that he or she - and not you - is the pack leader.  Faced with this responsibility some dogs become stressed and anxious, some become "aggressive"  and others just seem to have absolutely no "manners".  

Dog Listening uses simple but effective techniques to reassure your dog that YOU are a leader they can trust.  I can help you to demonstrate clear, unambiguous leadership in 4 crucial  areas of your life with your dog: 

*Food and the way you feed your dog give out the strongest message about whether you or your dog is most important - I can show you how food can  help your dog to understand where he or she fits into your  pack.

*The way you reunite with your dog conveys a powerful signal about your status: I can show you how to claim the higher status in the pack by timing your greeting and  inviting him or her to come to you.

*Threats come in all sorts of guises to your dog  - including visitors, another dog, even the arrival of the mail! I can help you to become the decision maker in your pack so that your dog will  look to you for a decision on how to react to these perceived dangers. 

*To you it's a walk but to your dog it's a hunt - and the leader always leads! I can share tips and techniques to help you take the lead  so that walks can become more enjoyable for you and your dog.
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