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Taking on a rescue dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Many people think that they are taking on “someone else’s problems”. While there are obvious exceptions, such as a rehoming following the death of an owner, most often it’s taking on a dog that has been badly let down by someone else.  Gaining their love and trust is an amazing feeling!
Rolo was THE most traumatised dog I have dealt with. Please don't be put off - most rescue dogs do not come with so many or such severe problems. If Amichien Bonding ® worked for Rolo (and it did), it will work for any and every dog.
When Rolo was rescued, he was in a very bad physical state but his mental state was equally in need of help and he was fortunate enough to be taken in by Jan Fennell before I took him on. He was a consummate thief who could as easily steal my sandwich while I was eating it (imagine 'Lady and the Tramp' and the spaghetti) as he could steal the hot joint from the oven. Amazingly, despite his traumatic experiences he  was such a clown with a love of life.
Unfortunately, he was very afraid of people and other dogs and he would lunge aggressively at anyone who even looked at him (which killed my social life for a while!) and try to attack any dog within sight when we went out. Leaving him  at home  wasn't much better, as he suffered from dreadful separation anxiety if I left him alone,  even briefly.
I nearly gave up on him - I didn’t think I could ever help such a damaged dog – but somehow I just couldn’t: either Amichien Bonding would work for Rolo, or it didn’t work at all. I am so glad that I stuck with him. Slowly, he began to trust first me and then others: the dog who wouldn’t let me touch him when we met became so fond of a cuddle. Walks became first manageable and then a real joy. I didn’t need to worry about leaving him at home because he learned to believe I’d come back to him. I never quite cured his thieving, but at least he only stole what I left lying around, so I stopped having to lock the fridge and oven!
If you’re thinking of adopting a rescue dog, go for it, but please do be the leader that they can look up to and trust to keep them safe. Amichien Bonding® can equip you to  be that leader – and not their responsibility. Rolo was living proof that any and every dog can be extraordinary given the chance. Thank you Rolo.
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